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Noisehive delivers worldwide to hundreds of music stores and streaming platforms.

Why Join Noisehive?

Noisehive is perfect for independent bands & artists

Piracy Protection & Copyright Ownership
Receive free ongoing piracy protection for your releases & retain 100% copyright ownership of your music.
Label Manager
Receive your own label manager to maintain releases and provide music industry advice.
Artist Network
Join the Hive and create your own artist page to connect with fans and fellow musicians.
Sales Data & Analytics
Receive free barcode (UPC) and ISRC codes for your releases (if required).
Set Your Release Date
Set your own weekly release dates and make releases available for preorder on iTunes.
Noisehive has the knowledge and infrastructure to reliably represent your product and deliver your music to the world.
One-Off Fee
Pay a one-off fee when you sign up with no further charges.
Quarterly Statements
Obtain online quarterly statements (available 60 days after the end of each quarter) within your Noisehive login.
Submit Your Releases
Set up your own releases within your Noisehive account for your label manager to review and deliver.
Free Barcodes
Receive free barcode (UPC) and ISRC codes for your releases (if required).
Neighbouring Rights
Collect public performance royalties (plays on radio, television, by DJs, in stores, clubs and other public spaces). Noisehive will collect these royalties on your behalf from public performance societies around the world.
YouTube Monetisation
With permission, on your behalf we will monetise releases on YouTube and even collect royalties when other channels use your music.

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