Ana Wares

Joined Aug 20th, 2019

‘ana wares’ is the project of Melbourne based producer Eva Guss. ‘ana wares’ comes from the feeling of getting lost in music, fully immersed and unconscious to anything other than the experience of being in that moment. Tune in and tune out. With a strong focus on melody, often created by the layering of several different elements, ana wares’ sound is intricate and delicate yet full and strong. It is warm and nostalgic, inviting the imagination to dance along with the body. It is the vibe at 5pm on a sunny day leading to a beautiful sunset. All instruments are both percussion and topline – from the drums to the horns, strings, vocals and various samples littered throughout all parts work together, often playing multiple roles in this electronic symphony. Experiments with harmonics and the use of LFO throughout both bass and treble lure the ears into the hypnotic flow while striking percussion and melodies that become earworms keep your attention hooked.