Anna Shelley


Joined Nov 26th, 2019

Anna Shelley is known for her ambient meditative music. With a resonance that weaves its way through the souls of all who feel it, Anna Shelley’s music is a feeling - a knowing - a connection. Classically trained on the flute, Anna Shelley has simplified all that she learnt from decades of serious study, and condensed it into what she knows is true - pure sound frequencies from the cosmos. Some people even describe these soundscapes as the music of the spheres. She weaves her signature dreamy tones through her music, which spills over into her writing - from her prolific blog to her published books. Like healing sound baths, Anna Shelley's music is used by many meditation teachers as background meditation music. Anna Shelley also runs Sound Dreaming - monthly sound meditations with her unique take on walking between worlds. Sound Dreaming is welcome to all. Full details are here: