Benjamin Beiler

Joined Aug 20th, 2019

Hard work, determination and a true love of people. Working hard. Living life. Loving people. If that ain’t country, what is? Benjamin Beiler’s roots are in an Amish community where he grew up just south of Lancaster County. In his formative years, Benjamin was very much a part of that traditional style of country living, participating in numerous community barn raisings, as well as helping his family build farm sheds, barns and garages. Listening to artists as diverse as Keith Urban, The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC cemented the connection between his heart, his work and his desire to create music as he worked as a construction driver and then foreman in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. But that desire to play music has always been there. From his first concert at age 17, Benjamin has been inspired to play live music.