Joined Aug 20th, 2019

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Emulate is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist and producer, who creates and curates a unique blend of electronic dance music. Keith McMurray fell in love with the fuzzy sound of the early 8bit and 16bit game music, and it didn't take long before he moved from his beloved Amiga to embrace the music culture of the 90s dance scene, including early trance. Fast forward to today and we see him embracing new digital recording technologies as well as brand new sonic aesthetics. His music embodies a fusion of old-school elements such as nu-disco and 80s synthwave, with modern production values of trance and progressive. His influences include ´╗┐artists such as Michael Cassette, Envotion, Jaytech, Eric Prydz, PROFF and Daft Punk. His DJ sets also reflect his style of production. Expect groovy 'progressive disco' tracks that build into progressive house and trance, all with a dash of 80s nostalgia.