Jamie meyer

Joined Nov 15th, 2018

Actual melodies. Real stories. Often called, “The Swedish Fish” in Nashville due to his Swedish roots, former goal keeper Jamie Meyer is the love affair between infectious top 40 pop and modern country music. – “I grew up on big melodies and larger than life shows in the late 80’s and 90’s. This was a time when Michael Bolton, Def Leppard and Tom Petty ruled the charts. Sounds like a wonderful world and in my opinion it was.” ~Jamie Meyer After consistent touring and performances at places like The Bluebird Cafe’ and NBC’s Today In Nashville, Meyer is releasing a new single “I’M DONE”. Co-written with Keith Dozier, who have had success with Montgomery Gentry and Karl-Ola Kjellholm who is a well known Pop-producer in Sweden. Jamie has made headways in Nashville by signing a publishing deal with Dan Hodges Music (March 2018). The latest music video for the previous single “Nothin’ On You”, made it into the top 10 video countdown at Taste Of Country and stayed there for 13 weeks straight. Jamie has performed with legends such as the late Stevie Ray Vaughn’s classic band- Double Trouble, and one of today’s most popular groups, Lady Antebellum. He has also recorded and co-written songs with Bryan Adams, Phil Thornalley, Håkan Mjörnheim & Jörgen Elofsson and many more. Meyers big break in Sweden came to fruition in 2002 when he finished in third place in the last season of “Popstars”. A TV talent show that later became known as “Idol”. Although he didn’t win “Popstars”, he was signed to Sony Music in Sweden and departed one year later to become an independent artist. Today he travels between The United States and Europe to write, record and perform. – “I compare being a goal keeper, when I was younger, very similar to the entertainment industry I live in today. It’s all about serving the audience an unforgettable show. The difference is that our team wasn’t attracting many people to come to the field and support us. It was at that point I started to sing and perform at school and all of a sudden I became more popular. That’s when I decided to trade my keeper gloves for a guitar and I never looked back!” ~Jamie Meyer A handful of Jamie’s achievements and awards in no particular order: Nominated best video (Holy Ground To Me) – Indieville Awards, Nashville Awarded Best Singer Songwriter – L.A Music Awards 2 time nominee Best Song (Good Night To Be Young & Young Again) – Hollywood Music In Media Awards’ Nominee Best New Artist – Rockbjörnen (Sweden) Nominee Best Male Artist – NRJ Music Awards (Sweden)