Jeannie Aromea


Joined Aug 27th, 2015

Jeannie Aromea Pop/Rnb Perth, AU Jeannie Aromea, born as Nina Esther Dalin in Western Australian is a model, actress, entertainer and author and singer songwriter in Australia. Jeannie A started writing poetry and songs at the age of 7. She's extremely creative, and spiritual and uses her music and writing and Goddess as an outlet. She also loves likeminded supportive people and has great rapport with animals and children. Her first song writing project began in 2012. Once mixed and mastered the music will be released into an album and shared worldwide. Most of her songs are written in the shower, near water or in a quiet serene place. This is because the water has healed her chakras and allowed her to channel her subconscious and God to bring the music when she releases it through her lungs. Her poetry she writes best is written when she has music playing in her ears, as it gives her inspiration and opens her creative mind. Her music has a spiritual down to earth sound to it, although she's adding more modern, pop and classical sounds to it, so its classed under Dream Pop, Dance Pop, Electronic, Classical. Her musical role models have been Jon Foreman, Lana Del Rey, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. She's currently producing her new album/EP, check her out on YouTube Jeannie Aromea for the latest scoop!!