Jozef Conor

Joined Aug 20th, 2019

Australia-based Jozef Conor is coming off the back of a great year. Capping off his 2016 with a recent move to Melbourne, he has managed to establish himself as a quality House music selector, showcasing original productions and local Australian labels along the way. As a DJ – his sound embodies the deep, driving, melodic House which has defined his latest production work, including his debut EP “Mazyte” on San Francisco’s “Carpe Noctem Inc.” Jozef has taken his sound abroad for the second year running, with performances in the Philippines (Carpe Noctem Inc. Label Showcase), the established Barcelona City Hall, and Ibiza representing Melbourne’s Recovery Collective. Inspired by the scene in Europe, he also launched the Moontanned series of parties - showcasing both local and international talent, with the Watergate Tour of Matthias Meyer and flying Melbourne label Euphorie Bizerk to Sydney to date.