This man is none other than the groove gathering, bass bestowing, rhythm riddling, minimal techno maestro himself ~ Prosdo After breaking through and creating waves in 2013 & 14 Prosdo has been at the forefront of the Melbourne underground scene for many years now and continues to barrage his fans with a wide muster of releases. Not one of his fans yet? Need some convincing? Well... If diversity is your demand and perfection is your prerequisite then boy oh boy is Prosdo the man for you! Not only has he mastered the art of minimal but he manages to also tunnel his way through techno, tech house and has even been known to fondle around with Mrs. Funk - shhh don't tell Mr. Funk On the path to perfection he leaves no stone unturned and no path unexplored until he can bestow to you a clean crisp journey through sound filled with dark vocals, driving basslines, brain punishing percussion, whacky spaced out sound fx and a groove that's sure to get you going!

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