Rocco Bene vs Brandon Laze

Joined Dec 07th, 2015

Australia's, Rocco Bene is a house music vocalist, writer, performer and producer. In this latest offering he teams up with new comer, Brandon Laze, for an epic jopurney back in time, spinning out an 'A' and a 'B' side. These tracks ended up sounding so good we had to give them their own release. Side 'A' is an original, pop, dance anthem, Nobody but U. SIde 'B' is a remake of the Madonna classic, Lucky Star. After a stint in with a major label and a manufactured pop act, Rocco took a much needed break from the industry and last year released, Fuck The Past, which churned up some great industry reviews. Teaming up with Brandon Laze could mean the best is yet to come. Rocco has taken a role as producer and the result is, that this is the cool grown up Rocco Bene. Sexy mature house Music with Heart and soul. Nobody But U (The Remixes) is also supported by a super cool remix from house music angel, Beth Yen.