Sean Swenson

Joined Aug 26th, 2019

Sean Swenson grew up like any other small town kid, listening to country radio while spending his youth playing sports and helping his dad on the family farm. In high school he started paying attention to the lyrics and melodies on pop and country radio, but it wasn’t until he tore his ACL/MCL his senior year of basketball that he picked up a guitar. Initially, he learned to sing and play cover songs, but during his senior year of college at The University of North Dakota he started to write his own songs. Sean moved to Nashville in 2015 and quickly got involved with the talented cowriting community, and has written hundreds of songs since his move. Due to his wide variety of musical tastes, Sean is known for his willingness to write any genre or style of song his cowriter is up for. Sean signed a staff writing deal with DHM in January of 2018.