Joined Jun 01st, 2020

Sleuth is Melissa Francis, enigmatic Victorian singer-songwriter of minimalist funk electro + alt-pop. Lyrically dark, melodically bitter, Sleuth writes on piano synth + loops, exploring auto-biographical themes of feminism identity + emancipation, spanning genres from dark jazz to EDM.
 Debut album Umbra Anima was described as 'incredible, cinematic… vocal work that would make Beth Gibbons proud… 5-stars’. (Forte) Track Empty Room was Feb ’19 RadioEasternFM's New Music comp winner. She was 2019 Roar Award winner for Best New Creative Artist + recently received an AIR award nomination for electronica EP ‘alter ego’.
 Releasing prolifically over 2019, including collab funk album Fly By Design + singles with Eskatology + Nos Rider, she also features on Nyctophiliac’s (Macedonia) noirish trip-hop album Everyday Existence with impeccable vocals on Sweet Oblivion +The Still. 
Her album LUX is due late 2020, including tracks Hibernate, Breathe, + EDM track Abyss Of Your Heart. (due July)