Sofia Smithers

Joined Aug 19th, 2019

Sofia Smithers is an Argentinian-Australian artist. She performs around Wollongong and Sydney. Her style of music is predominantly indie pop, with many of her tracks showcasing a Latin flavour. She is passionate about her Latin roots and one of her songs, Latin Fiesta, is written half in English and half in Spanish. Some of Sofia Smithers' songs are relaxed, gentle and atmospheric, whilst others are uptempo with a joyous vibe. Her songs have a fullness of sound. She composes all the instrumentation. Each song is built around the piano, with a range of instruments that compliment the style of the song. Her instrumentation varies such as bongos to trumpets, strings to synthesizer. She sings with a pure tone that is reminiscent of Tori Amos and Natashya Lorien Hawley. Sofia Smithers' lyrics are positive and inspirational. She sings about love, dance and living life.