Steve vella

Joined Mar 25th, 2016

Steve passion for the music industry comes from a desire to write his own music from life experience's , play guitar and sing. The tracks are in 2 genre's one the original in alternative and the other in pop. The songs were written for his beautiful lady Lilly after he met her he felt the need to express his emotions through his talent and actually performed the song "so beautiful" to her for the first time at the Melbourne crown casino hotel room. She was knocked off her socks and even inspired her to write a song about Steve. In Jan 2013 Steve thought it would be a great idea to surprise Lilly by proposing to her in a pub in Queenstown called "Pub on Wharf" so he asked the solo artist there if he can use his guitar to play his song and propose and in front of about 100 people he performed the song and proposed with Lilly (of course) saying "YES". The whole crowd cheered in sheer excitement.