The Falling Seeds

Joined Aug 27th, 2015

The Falling Seeds is a collaboration between Abi Tucker and Julian Curwin. After a chance meeting in an East Sydney pub, the pair started writing together, culminating in a self-recorded album, then mixed by respected singer songwriter and recording engineer Brian Campeau. The album tells something of a fantasy story through its 10 songs, which traverse a variety of genres, helped along by the percussion of Jess Ciampa and the brass of Simon Ferenci. Abi Tucker is a singer, songwriter, actor and writer who has contributed to various projects in TV, film and stage. Abi has had a career spanning two decades in both music and acting, including the release of two independent records Dreamworld (2003) and One December Moon (2008), roles in The Secret Life Of Us, Wildside, Heartbreak High, The Wog Boy, McLeod