Keira Wallace

Hi I'm Keira, aged 15, and I live in a peaceful little suburb in Dunedin, NZ. My home is my sanctuary and where I discovered what I love - music. I started playing the ukulele when I was 8 and guitar at 12. I've always loved writing, which developed into songwriting and composing once I picked up guitar. I have released three original songs this year, with little homemade music videos. I’ve incorporated the theme of nature into them and appreciation of how our surroundings can influence our feelings and perception of life. We’re living in a world that can educate us and make us better people, but so many of us are too busy revolving around our lives that we don’t notice the beings that don’t have voices. We pollute the sky with light to see better, but really, that light blinds us. So lay down on the grass, dance with someone under the stars, plant a sunflower and give it a name. Life is too short not to :)

1 15 May, 2021

Lying on the Grass release

Thrilled to announce my first single release, Lying on the Grass!

The song idea came to me while I was lying on the grass, chilling with my cats. Looking up at the sky, I felt at peace and in awe of the beautiful world around us. I thought about the impact humans have had on Earth and it’s dwellers, and that humans can have on each other. I wondered what life would be like if we could be whisked away from all the negativity, the constant judging, comparing and endless opinions. Even though we can’t physically be projected into the atmosphere, it’s important to have a place you can take your mind to that the opinions can’t reach.

Released 11 June, 2021 on all streaming platforms and a music video on YouTube.