Melody Lee Hayden

Genre:Pop rock

Joined Mar 07th, 2020

Singer/Songwriter Melody Lee is a truely captivating performer with original songs that that will have you laughing or crying one minute and then dancing the next. I love to sing and writing music is as natural to me as breathing to be able to do this for a living is a dream come true. Creating music that fans love to listen too is exciting and I want to keep writing and singing for as long as I am lucky enough to have people who are wanting to listen . Melody’s songs show her passion for music in every wonderful moment telling stories of life,love and loss that is heard in every breath. “Simply wonderful, absolutely Irresistible, Loved every moment what a. fantastic entertainer “ “Mesmerising” New Album will be out in late May 2020 Life... It’s about the Journey With the first of the Singles Stay Safe a Tribute to First responders Released on 27 march 2020 Singer / Songwriter Melody Lee never fails to impress Life.... Its about the Journey is a must have Album.