Mema Wilda

New Zealand,

Joined May 27th, 2020

An incredibly gifted songwriter, Mema draws inspiration for her music directly from her own personal experience of love, positivity, dreams, fear, Mother Nature and all the other emotions and journeys we all encounter as humans. Salutations of fear, anger and sadness in balance with faith, hope and love. This is what makes her music so relatable to each and every one of us. Mema's voice is simply angelic. Soft yet strong and very pure. One reviewer said of Mema that ‘she sometimes appears to be in rapture and at other times an exquisite pain is evident’. She delivers each song with such passion and conviction that you will be totally mesmerised. Mema has an ever-growing catalog of original songs which will captivate you and leave you wanting to hear more. Her beautiful melodies will leave you soaring and her touching lyrics will capture your heart. This star is definitelon the rise!