Nexus Frequency

Genre:Trance, Progressive, Techno,

Joined Nov 01st, 2023

Since 1998 Nexus Frequency has been submerged within the Electronic Music Scene being part of several Event companies around Australia from all different dance music genres including Trance, Electro House, Techno, Psytrance, Hard Dance and Happy Hardcore. For the past 10 years or so He started to get into producing where if anyone remembers was part of the Trance Duo Genettix where we released 12 tracks and represented Australia in the World Trance Artist Event hosted by Lisa Owen. BREAKING THE BARRIER A few years later he started His own label called Nexus Fusion Records where he was releasing 10 tracks on his own with Trance and house elements involved. When the pandemic started he moved up to the next level in His music career and started producing Uplifting Trance. SIGNED LABELS He has had tracks signed to Big Trance labels all over the world like Trance All - Stars ( Tar#138 ) - Czech, Tranceformer - Ireland, Fuzion Four Records - United States, Yeiskomp Records - Netherlands,