Tommy D Tommee D

Hi my name is Thomas E Dodd and I’ve been making music as Tommy D Tommee D since 2012. Beatbox loops, guitar riffs and bluesy growls came to life in live musical formats in Sydney, around Australia, and a handful of gigs around the world. Now the sounds find themselves getting converted into 1’s and 0’s and polished up into recorded pieces of stereophonic sonic adventures to be preserved in eternal cybernetic fantasity. Guitars, drums, synths, 90’s culture, fat beats, fat bass meets rock n roll, tom waits vocals meets hip hop beats, tales, rhythms, extro to introvert, black and rainbows, weird and wack and wonderful… I grew up playing pianos, saxophones, clarinets, guitars, and practicing in the theatrical stage. Obsessed with music as an art form from very young, I endeavour to honour and encourage the enjoyment of a diverse range of music for ones ears. I ongoingly hope to create some music that can contribute to this plethora of polyphonic possibilities.

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