Your Face

New Zealand,

Joined Jun 30th, 2022

The sound of 70s and 80’s punk brought to your ears now! Filled with irrelevant themes from all decades and raging against the me-chine this is the essential band for those that don’t quite know what they’re doing with their life and have decided to listen to it. Good on you. You’re here now and you’re reading something about something. Martin Phillips once said of Your Face's predecessor band, the Restrainers: “They’re punk but they’re not quite sure if they’re allowed to do it or not - kind of conservative punk”. Your Face continues very much in that emotional tradition. The band occupies the space between anarchism and self-restriction. A place where there very much is the requirement to be a dick about it lyrically speaking, but don’t take words too seriously, because musically it’s fun times in a variety of styles.