Now Distributing to Bandcamp!

Now Distributing to Bandcamp!

24 Nov

In the modern age where online music platforms are constantly on the rise, there is one platform that stands out from the rest by successfully pleasing both creators and music enthusiasts: Bandcamp. An online music store, a platform for artist promotion, and a music community, many independent artists have been using Bandcamp to sell their music and merchandise directly to consumers in digital and physical formats.

Bandcamp strives to provide the best possible service for artists and labels to share and earn money from their music as well as easily enabling fans to discover and enjoy the music they love. It believes that in order for this to happen, artists must be compensated fairly and transparently for their work no matter the size of their audience.

Here at Noisehive we wholeheartedly support this notion and care deeply about our artist's personal and professional success. Therefore, Bandcamp has become one of the platforms we now distribute to. This will allow us to deliver releases to Bandcamp on our artist's behalf with unlimited uploads. As an artist, this will save you the time of having to enter your releases on multiple platforms and will pass all the heavy lifting onto us.

Below outlines a few highlights of Bandcamp’s features that you can use to grow your audience and earn money from your music.

Customizable Page
Bandcamp allows you to completely design your artist page to represent your brand and make it as appealing and attractive to fans as possible. Their extensive list of customization tools includes headers, images, album artwork, alignment, a range of colours, and more. You are also able to add related tags to your music, making it easier for people to stumble upon as they’re browsing Bandcamp. Check out Bandcamp’s guide to designing your page for more information.

Customizable Pricing & Tipping
With Bandcamp you can set your own price (including free) for each release as well as each individual track. People can listen to the full track, decide if they like it, and then pay the artists. If they really enjoy it, they may even tip you extra. This is a significant feature when it comes to earning money from your music and according to Bandcamp’s website, fans pay more than the amount requested 50% of the time.

Promotion & Mailing List
The editorial branch Bandcamp Daily publishes articles promoting upcoming artists on the site and provides a great way to get your name out there. Bandcamp can also ask everyone who downloads your tracks to subscribe to your mailing list. You are then able to export these email addresses in a single file and import it into Mailchimp. Mailchimp will then allow you to send mass emails to everyone who chose to subscribe which is an excellent way to keep your fans updated.

Physical Sales & Merchandise
Having physical CDs and merchandise out on display at gigs has always been an effective way of capturing fans, so the majority of artists will already be producing these materials. Bandcamp allows you to sell these materials from your page and offer deals such as a free track download with each merchandise purchase. Bandcamp will also give you the tools to track and manage orders, including setting postage costs and marking items as dispatched.

Access To Stats
The list of statistics Bandcamp’s stat system gives you access to is an extensive one. Just some of the things it reveals are what’s being purchased and when which of your tracks are most popular, who has linked to your music, where your music is embedded, and even which search terms and blogs are directing people to you.

If you have any questions or want to know about getting your music on Bandcamp, feel free to reach out to the Noisehive Team –