Spotify for Artists Essentials

Spotify for Artists Essentials

24 Nov

With more than 100 million paid subscribers and even more active users, there is no question that Spotify is the giant of the music streaming world. While you are probably familiar with the platform's core music streaming services, you may not be aware of the useful free add-on feature offered to creators: Spotify for Artists.

Spotify for Artists becomes available to you once you have published your first song and has many useful tools for building your presence on the platform. The feature will allow you to demonstrate your authenticity through the customization of your artist page as well as providing in-depth insights into your audience that will help with marketing campaigns.

Below we will take a look at some of Spotify for Artist’s most handy tools and how you can use them to grow and engage your audience.

Profile Customization Tools
With the ever-growing music industry, it has become more and more challenging to stand out amongst the crowd. Spotify for Artists offers numerous ways to optimise your profile and showcase your brand, this includes being able to update both the profile and cover picture.

Other customization tools can help deepen your connection with your audience. These include editing your bio, adding other artists you have worked with and playlists your music is featured on to the profile, as well as adding your own specially curated playlists to showcase artists that inspire you.

In-Depth Analytics
Measuring your performance is vital when it comes to growing your audience. Spotify for Artists lets you track how much your monthly listeners and followers have increased or declined over time.

These analytics will also give you a greater understanding of the demographics of your audience, this includes their age, gender, and the locations in which they are based. Having this information will help you to know how and where to target your marketing strategies.

Advertising and Sponsored Recommendations
Spotify for Artists provides you with a number of tools to create, place and edit advertising campaigns, one of these tools are Marquees. Whenever you share a new release onto Spotify, you can then use a Marquee to add a clickthrough pop up onto the screen of users who have either listened to your music before or have listened to similar artists to you and may be interested in your music.

While Marquees work to advertise to both free and premium Spotify users, another way to advertise to free users is through the audio advertising tool. This tool allows you to run vocal advertising campaigns of up to 30 seconds in length that will play at regular intervals while they are listening to music.

Recently Canvas has become a very popular feature with artists. It allows you to add another dimension to your songs by adding graphics, videos, or mixed media. This means that when users play your songs from their phone, these visuals will appear instead of the album artwork.

You are able to change Canvases whenever you please and you can even find designers for them through Spotify for Artists instead of having to source them externally.

Playlist Pitching
In the modern age of streaming services, one of the most effective ways to grow your audience is by having your song featured in an editorial playlist. The playlist pitching feature on Spotify for Artists provides a way in which you can submit feature requests for your songs directly yourself.

A feature request can be made any time before the song's release date. However, if the pitch is made more than seven days in advance then this guarantees that the song will be featured in the Release Radar playlist of users who have previously listened to your music. If your track is chosen for any other playlist, you will receive an email from Spotify.

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