Lee Monro Breaksdown UNTITLED EP

Lee Monro Breaksdown UNTITLED EP

12 Aug

Gracing us with his effortless sound, strong bars and relevant and on-point messages, Lee has broken down a few of his favourite songs off his most recent release- Untitled EP.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Lee Monro, formerly Figgkidd. My music has evolved quite a bit from when I first started and was signed to Sony back in 2003-2006. After years in the business, my music has matured, becoming more reflective and insightful. I feel like I embrace my responsibility as a mentor and leader in the Australian Hip Hop scene and try to reflect this in my music- particularly from an introspective standpoint. I try to lead by example.



BOAF - This was written and recorded in Melbourne with two of my longstanding friends Motley and Ninah Nicole (formerly Empress Emcee). This was a long time coming as I’ve known Motley for a long time, and we never made music together. The energy between the three of us can be heard on the track and the writing and inspiration process was so fluid. We wrote BOAF (Birds of a Feather) with reflection on how long we have been friends and how like-minded people remain in the same circles and the importance of those relationships.


Pringles - This track was written with a producer that I had built a new relationship with (Mark James III). I met him while recording a track for another emcee and this chance meeting turned into us doing other sessions and coming up with a funk track. This is a standout, not only the EP but in my catalogue. It is one of the more fun tracks on the EP and I'm stoked to be able to take this EP to a dance level with inspiration drawn from Mac Miller, Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars.


Focus - This track was another with Motley (UK) and stands out to me because I’ve had the chance to perform it. Just a raw ode to wanting to be the dopest emcee in the room - Motley was able to take the topic Focus somewhere completely different. The hook came up big with a little inspiration from Lord Have Mercy from Busta Rhymes’ crew Flipmode Squad - this track always amps me up.


You can stream and download Untitled EP here

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