Fresh Find- Introducing Jarvis

Fresh Find- Introducing Jarvis

31 Aug

Hailing out of St Kilda, Jarvis is a 22-year-old who's been making music his whole life. Jarvis is an exciting and fresh new find that is waiting to christen your ears with his sweet, sweet tunes. His second single is heading our way on September 1st.


Tell us about yourself?

My life has been entirely about making music….


When I was younger than I can remember, my father got me a guitar for Christmas and then disappeared from my life. Knowing that he was a semi-successful triple j musician in his prime, I considered the man a Rockstar in my head and therefore constantly aspired towards a vision of being just like my dad.


This led to years of training through higher education and studio work to be in the position I am now, where fortunately I am able to be the instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and engineer for every song I make. Of course, I found out that my dad was just some bloke who could strum some chords on a guitar, but I guess you could say my Daddy issues aren’t all that bad…


How would you describe your music?

A lot of my friends have compared my music to the softer side of Hip-Hop, names like Masego, Dominic Fike and Smino have come up a few times, but I think my production style is a reflection of my influences and has almost become a higher-tech version of Tom Misch’s style of production. From a more personal perspective, I definitely write in a self-reflective way and like to try and encourage self-awareness and objectivity in my lyrics.


Have you always been interested in music? Was there a particular song or performance that made you say “Whoah! I want to do that!”?

I’ve always been a music nerd, I spent a lot of time around musicians growing up, and I guess I devoted a lot of my time to listen to as many albums as I could and sitting in my room playing my guitar.


Artists like Prince and Jimi Hendrix were such a big part of my childhood, and I think that’s reflected in my music and in the way I play the guitar. I have always been interested in Hip-Hop. When I heard Biggie for the first time, maybe when I was 10, he became a really big obsession of mine.


As a teenager, artists like Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, the Creator only fuelled my love for Hip Hop. I think I’ve sort of spent all of my time studying music by listening to the point where I hear a lot of my favourite genres, or artists in the music I make which is really cool.


Would you like to collaborate with anyone? If so who and why?

I think Melbourne is having a very exciting time with up-and-coming artists and it's really cool to see people creating their own little communities around the music they love in a city they love… some of the standouts musically for me are probably - Agung Mango, CraigieWave and Reyko. With Sydney of course still having some of Australia’s finest up and coming artists with the likes of Isaac Puerile and Cult Shotta both being artists I highly admire.


What inspired your most recent single?

Tingle was made in the space of a couple of hours, last spring in lockdown. Some songs take me days to make but this one just came together very naturally. Tingle is about the feeling you get when you meet someone who you know is going to become a very important part of your life,


The way one person can make your whole life a better place…


And it’s about someone real cute.


What’s next for you? What can we expect coming up from you? Do you have any plans for future releases?

Over the next year, people can expect a monthly release of a new single paired with as many events/shows and public appearances as Papa Covid will allow. We are also currently in the process of shooting a couple of music videos, some of which may come sooner than expected and all of which are looking incredible! 


Stream/Download Tingle- Feat Molly Moo here from September 1st.

If you want to hear more from Jarvis, check out his socials below:



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