Genre:R&B, Soul

Joined Jan 19th, 2021

Anieszka is an Australian/Mauritian singer and songwriter, encompassing the genres of R&B, Electro Soul and Afro. Her music thus far has told the story of her creative journey and showcased her experimentation with different genres and vocal/songwriting styles. This was highlighted in her most recent releases, ‘When Will This Begin’ followed by ‘Energy’ and most recently 'Presence'. These releases introduced listeners to an intoxicating spice blend of R&B, Soul and Afro and saw Anieszka featured on featured on heavy hitters Pilerats (AU), Triple J (AU), Rinse FM (UK), Life Without Andy (AU), Future Classic Recommends (AU), The Edge 96.1FM (AU), Fashionably Early (US), iGGY Magazine (France),, Lost Culture and more. Anieszka does not conform to standards, nor current trends -- she's here to break down barriers with hypnotic, soulful music in its purest form.