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Spotify for Artists Essentials

Spotify for Artists Essentials

With more than 100 million paid subscribers and even more active users, there is no question that Spotify is the giant of the music streaming world. While you are probably familiar with the platform's core music streaming services, you may not be aware of the useful free add-on feature offered to creators: Spotify for Artists.

Spotify for Artists becomes available to you once you have published your first song and has many useful tools for building your presence on the platform. The feature will allow you to demonstrate your authenticity through the customization of your artist page as well as providing in-depth insights into your audience that will help with marketing campaigns.

Below we will take a look at some of Spotify for Artist’s most handy tools and how you can use them to grow and engage your audience.

Profile Customization Tools
With the ever-growing music industry, it has become more and more challenging to stand out amongst the crowd. Spotify for Artists offers numerous ways to optimise your profile and showcase your brand, this includes being able to update both the profile and cover picture.

Other customization tools can help deepen your connection with your audience. These include editing your bio, adding other artists you have worked with and playlists your music is featured on to the profile, as well as adding your own specially curated playlists to showcase artists that inspire you.

In-Depth Analytics
Measuring your performance is vital when it comes to growing your audience. Spotify for Artists lets you track how much your monthly listeners and followers have increased or declined over time.

These analytics will also give you a greater understanding of the demographics of your audience, this includes their age, gender, and the locations in which they are based. Having this information will help you to know how and where to target your marketing strategies.

Advertising and Sponsored Recommendations
Spotify for Artists provides you with a number of tools to create, place and edit advertising campaigns, one of these tools are Marquees. Whenever you share a new release onto Spotify, you can then use a Marquee to add a clickthrough pop up onto the screen of users who have either listened to your music before or have listened to similar artists to you and may be interested in your music.

While Marquees work to advertise to both free and premium Spotify users, another way to advertise to free users is through the audio advertising tool. This tool allows you to run vocal advertising campaigns of up to 30 seconds in length that will play at regular intervals while they are listening to music.

Recently Canvas has become a very popular feature with artists. It allows you to add another dimension to your songs by adding graphics, videos, or mixed media. This means that when users play your songs from their phone, these visuals will appear instead of the album artwork.

You are able to change Canvases whenever you please and you can even find designers for them through Spotify for Artists instead of having to source them externally.

Playlist Pitching
In the modern age of streaming services, one of the most effective ways to grow your audience is by having your song featured in an editorial playlist. The playlist pitching feature on Spotify for Artists provides a way in which you can submit feature requests for your songs directly yourself.

A feature request can be made any time before the song's release date. However, if the pitch is made more than seven days in advance then this guarantees that the song will be featured in the Release Radar playlist of users who have previously listened to your music. If your track is chosen for any other playlist, you will receive an email from Spotify.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Noisehive Team –

Now Distributing to Bandcamp!

Now Distributing to Bandcamp!

In the modern age where online music platforms are constantly on the rise, there is one platform that stands out from the rest by successfully pleasing both creators and music enthusiasts: Bandcamp. An online music store, a platform for artist promotion, and a music community, many independent artists have been using Bandcamp to sell their music and merchandise directly to consumers in digital and physical formats.

Bandcamp strives to provide the best possible service for artists and labels to share and earn money from their music as well as easily enabling fans to discover and enjoy the music they love. It believes that in order for this to happen, artists must be compensated fairly and transparently for their work no matter the size of their audience.

Here at Noisehive we wholeheartedly support this notion and care deeply about our artist's personal and professional success. Therefore, Bandcamp has become one of the platforms we now distribute to. This will allow us to deliver releases to Bandcamp on our artist's behalf with unlimited uploads. As an artist, this will save you the time of having to enter your releases on multiple platforms and will pass all the heavy lifting onto us.

Below outlines a few highlights of Bandcamp’s features that you can use to grow your audience and earn money from your music.

Customizable Page
Bandcamp allows you to completely design your artist page to represent your brand and make it as appealing and attractive to fans as possible. Their extensive list of customization tools includes headers, images, album artwork, alignment, a range of colours, and more. You are also able to add related tags to your music, making it easier for people to stumble upon as they’re browsing Bandcamp. Check out
Bandcamp’s guide to designing your page for more information.

Customizable Pricing & Tipping
With Bandcamp you can set your own price (including free) for each release as well as each individual track. People can listen to the full track, decide if they like it, and then pay the artists. If they really enjoy it, they may even tip you extra. This is a significant feature when it comes to earning money from your music and according to Bandcamp’s website, fans pay more than the amount requested 50% of the time.

Promotion & Mailing List
The editorial branch Bandcamp Daily publishes articles promoting upcoming artists on the site and provides a great way to get your name out there. Bandcamp can also ask everyone who downloads your tracks to subscribe to your mailing list. You are then able to export these email addresses in a single file and import it into Mailchimp. Mailchimp will then allow you to send mass emails to everyone who chose to subscribe which is an excellent way to keep your fans updated.

Physical Sales & Merchandise
Having physical CDs and merchandise out on display at gigs has always been an effective way of capturing fans, so the majority of artists will already be producing these materials. Bandcamp allows you to sell these materials from your page and offer deals such as a free track download with each merchandise purchase. Bandcamp will also give you the tools to track and manage orders, including setting postage costs and marking items as dispatched.

Access To Stats
The list of statistics Bandcamp’s stat system gives you access to is an extensive one. Just some of the things it reveals are what’s being purchased and when which of your tracks are most popular, who has linked to your music, where your music is embedded, and even which search terms and blogs are directing people to you.

If you have any questions or want to know about getting your music on Bandcamp, feel free to reach out to the Noisehive Team –

Featured Artist: Icevena

Featured Artist: Icevena

Writing, producing, and recording music from her home in Sydney, Icevena is carving a new path in underground dance music with an ear for pop structures and strong hooks. Taking her classical upbringing into the realm of dark electronic, Icevena melds her diverse influences into a unique sound that defies genres.
We had a chat with Icevena about her latest single,
Heart to Break, and her approach to creating music.

How and why did you start making music?
I started out playing classical flute in school concert band and orchestra. I loved the feeling of making music with a big group. I decided to continue music study at UNSW, I entered the degree with flute as my major. In second year I wanted to switch to composition stream- but I wasn’t allowed to! My lecturer, bless him, thought I would be better off sticking with flute. So I finished my degree with flute. But then, I took an honours year where I just wrote and produced electronic music full time for the whole year. Haha. And then I kept going with it, eventually adding in my own vocals.

You write, produce and record your music at your home studio, that’s impressive! How important is it to you to be able to do these things yourself? 
I love producing at home, I feel like I can really do anything I want creatively and take it anywhere. But recording my own vocals at home is really tough, it gets messy and disorganised, and the room isn’t soundproofed so I have to be careful. I usually record on the weekend when there is slightly less traffic! I’m going to try recording my vocals in a studio soon to really up the quality.

What is your creative process like?
I start with producing the instrumental- I get down a lot of ideas and then pick the best ones to put into an arrangement of a song. There might be some gaps at this stage though. Then I gauge the mood and emotion of the song and look through my notes of lyrics. I have a note app with lots of lyrics that come to me at different times. From this I write more lyrics until the song structure is complete. This is the hardest part of the process for me. 

Your latest single, Heart to Break’, is out today - congrats! Can you run us through what this track is about?
Thank you! Heart To Break is a triumphant revenge anthem. It’s not a heartbreak song, though it might seem like one at first glance. It’s basically a victory dance on the grave of a failed relationship. It’s about the time when the rose-tinted glasses finally come off and you see someone for who they really are.

What's coming up for Icevena?
I want to develop a live show including my own vocals, and start playing shows next year. I’ve got plenty of songs to come, lockdown was a very productive time for me!

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking about pursuing music?
You have to be dedicated to the craft, always improving and investing in your own self-development as an artist. 

You can listen to Heart to Break here.

Find out more & follow Icevena:
Triple j Unearthed

Jannah Beth Reveals Her Debut EP- Product of A Dreamer

Jannah Beth Reveals Her Debut EP- Product of A Dreamer

Sydney based artist, Jannah Beth, is an emerging artist whose signature sounds has led to her being an exciting and vibrant force within the Australian Music Industry. Following the success of the previous single ‘Want Me Dead’, Jannah has broken down the tracks off her debut EP- Product of A Dreamer which is out now!

Tell us about yourself?

Jannah Beth is a daring and unpredictable artist whose music - an eclectic twist of alternative hip-hop, soul & pop - is illuminated by their unconventional life experiences and sunny outlook. Described as an 'old soul' from an early age, Jannah Beth has always defied the status quo, paving their own way in style, musical taste & self-expression.


Jannah Beth's mellifluous vocal tones and elastic flows have made her a sought-after vocalist, steadily collaborating with local and international artists and leaving a string of buzzing tech-house, neo-soul & hip-hop feature singles in her wake. 


Behind the scenes, Jannah Beth has been quietly building a number of music studios in Marrickvilles' busy creative hub, already the studios are filled with more than 50% female/non-binary resident artists & producers - her company Offbeat Collective will be officially launching soon.

This past year Jannah Beth was shortlisted for APRA's Professional Development Awards, placed seventh in Happy Mag's 'Needle In The Haystack' songwriting competition and has released a string of singles and features with heavy support from taste-makers Triple J, BBC Radio, Double J, Triple J Unearthed, Spotify editorials & debuting at #6 in the Aria Club Charts, this debut EP is certainly anticipated & is a beautiful next step a long creative journey.


Product Of A Dreamer EP

Who Am I To Judge

'Who Am I To Judge' is the opening track from the 'Product Of A Dreamer' EP. Its touching and intimate storyline introduces the artist Jannah Beth and some of the defining moments of her youth.


"If you didn't know me before, you'll know me a whole lot more after hearing this track and furthermore the 'Product Of A Dreamer' EP. I feel like it's a song I should have written ten years ago, one that through the writing process I was able to achieve a 'birds' eye view' on some of my experiences growing up, particularly around the defining moments in my adolescence. My faith, my father and the transformation of both of these relationships. The nostalgia of the gospel and hymn nuances really transport me to the beginning of my creative and spiritual journey, the perfect way to introduce both myself and the EP. I was fortunate enough to bring together my vision of communal singing, getting five phenomenal Sydney singers together to add the soulful vocals you hear on both the studio & live version of this song."


Sweet Sugar

A delightful and soulful ode to a love so good that you never want it to end. It features live drums by Jannah Beth, bass by Curly (Emma Henderson) and honey backing vocals and layered guitars from Josue Vilches.


Sweet Sugar is the exciting dance of falling in love and not wanting it to end, in the arch of story that threads together the Product Of A Dreamer EP it represents growth, untethering from trauma & healing. Going at it for the long haul isn't for everyone, perhaps I'm trying to make up for what my own family never had, maybe I'm just an old fashioned romantic or maybe I've been brainwashed by Disney... Either way, I wrote this song three years into my relationship and I'm still feeling like the 'honeymoon' period isn't over. I was inspired to make this song sound like it was vintage, blending in some of my live drum takes and adding layers of organic textures with a 60's sounding reverb in the chorus. Something was missing until my friend Josue came by the studio and gave it the sex appeal it needed.


Want Me Dead

'Want me Dead' is full of assurance, I've come to love myself, know myself & trust my process. This is me blasting off into the life I want and the life I have created for myself by honouring my dreams. I am intrinsically connected to music and at times have struggled to marry it to the industry, I definitely purged when I wrote the lyrics. I was angry and wary of letting that anger turn to bitterness, by expressing it I ended up reconnecting with myself more deeply and gaining focus. Sonically, an organic richness shines from the triumphant horns by True Vibenation & live bass by Curly (Emma Henderson), the track really leaves space for those moments which I think are really cool.



Shutdown is my proudest musical achievement. To me, this song carries the significance of truly letting go to allow deep healing and inner peace. This song was born from a freestyle, I was having a jam with my now good friend Hylton Mowday on the day we met at his studio - we'd smashed through our 'real work' and decided to keep going, discovering our musical spark. He was playing the piano and I sang - we recorded it for about ten minutes, we knew we had captured something very special. Almost a year later as I was adding the finishing touches, I took a trip to Melbourne and had the most amazing session recording drums by drummer aficionado David Jones. He connected with Shutdown and after the session told me it was one of his most ever favourite sessions, which just blew me away!


Never Miss ft Temgazi

While I collaborated with many amazing friends and musicians on the making of the Product Of A Dreamer EP, Never Miss is the only track with a feature and none other than the star Temgazi. I've been a long-time fan and to have her over the studio to record this verse felt so right. Within a few hours she had absolutely nailed the verse, we had such a fun time getting silly and recording it together. It's uplifting, fun, inspiring and boss. Temgazi reflects on the process saying "I've never laughed so hard in a studio session before. We recorded this song 2 days before ringing in 2021, what a dope way to close a crazy ass year".

Never Miss represents community, collaboration, celebration and the importance of giving back what you have learnt to the people around you. It features guitar licks and skank by Drew Bisset & bass by Curly (Emma Henderson).


You can stream and download 'Product of A Dreamer' EP here.


'Product of A Dreamer EP' is available on vinyl and digital download at Bandcamp.


If you want to hear more from Jannah Beth, check out his socials below:



Triple J Unearthed




Fresh Find- Introducing Heirloome

Fresh Find- Introducing Heirloome

Heirloome, who refers to their music as ‘aural magic realism’ is a Sydney born artist whose mesmerising and enchanting lyrics are brought to life once again in their recent release Flesh to Flowers, available worldwide today.

Tell us about yourself?

I’m Heirloome - a queer/nonbinary artist living on a very green and magical mountaintop, in Gumbaynggir country (Dorrigo, Australia). My music is a mix of indie-folk, chamber pop & electronica. I like to call it ‘aural magic realism’ - but apparently, that’s not a real genre (yet). My main musical influences are Björk, Kate Bush, ANOHNI, Radiohead, Moses Sumney, James Blake… and the orchestral scores of old Disney cartoons. Oh - and that sound swans make when they’re babies, the deep & soft breathing of a sleeping lover, and galloping horse hooves.

Have you always been interested in music? Was there a particular song/performance that made you say "Woah! I want to do that!?
I used to pretend Kate Bush & Björk were my mums as a kid… and I’ve been singing to flowers, trees, ghosts and cats for as long as I can remember. There are so many moments I KNEW this is what I had to do - but when I was about 11, late one night when I was meant to be asleep, I heard this sound coming from the lounge room. So I snuck out and put my head around the corner, and there was this bizarre-looking guy with big teased hair and smeared red lipstick sitting on the floor and singing a song about a caterpillar… it was The Cure on MTV Unplugged, and my little eyes just went all wide and I thought - “yep… this is what I’m going to do. I’m gonna be that guy - but maybe with a theremin and a choir.”


Would you like to collaborate with anyone in the future? If so who and why?

I’d love to collaborate with a performance artist, like Marina Abramovic - and also this brilliant butoh dancer (who I was lucky enough to take a class within New York), named Vangeline. I’m really interested in the intersection of art forms, and the fertile ground it provides for new ways of creating. Of course, there are about a hundred producers & musicians I’d love to collaborate with, but today I’m going to say ANOHNI, Kelsey Lu, and Beverly Glen Copeland. (But ask me tomorrow and I might just say a choir of lyrebirds.)


What inspired your most recent single? Do you have a songwriting process you follow when creating music?

“Flesh To Flower” was written after my little brother, Matty, passed away in an accident. It was the deepest, darkest grief I’ve ever known. One morning, I was looking out the window, just speaking to him… and three swallows came and sat on a powerline. They told me to write him three songs, and the next day “Flesh To Flower” came to me, almost all at once. It was really just me singing to him - asking him questions about life, about what it all means... and what it is to die.

I didn’t want “Flesh To Flower” to be dark - I wanted it to be filled with the mysticism of this human experience we are having. I wanted to create a magical soundscape where it was safe enough to feel the loss, and heal the grief.


I write most of my songs on the ukulele, but they usually end up being arranged for other instruments like strings, harp, and electronics - with a lot of ‘found sounds’ sampled from my environment.


What’s next for you? What can we expect coming up from you? Do you have plans for any future releases?

I have a 3-track EP coming in November, called Cycles - the three songs I wrote for my brother, including ‘Flesh To Flower’. I’ll be releasing it in a free, interactive online experience that people can join by signing up to my mailing list here.

There will be exclusive content & offerings, a grief art ritual that people can participate in (from anywhere in the world), and some other special ways that people can experience the record with me. I really want to give this music to the world and connect with my people - in honour of my brother, and in honour of our shared human experience.

Stream/Download Flesh to Flower here.


If you want to hear more from Heirloome, check out their socials below:





YouTube Essentials

YouTube Essentials

YouTube is one of the worlds most used & popular platforms, with a global search engine used by all age demographics, where content can be spread far and wide. The planet has faced and will continue to face many hard challenges during this Covid pandemic. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, the music industry is finding new ways to promote their art and engage with fans, existing and new. YouTube is one of those platforms, where the chance to connect and tell a story to your audiences is still present. Below are helpful tips to help spark creativity and lead you on the path to making your YouTube profile successful. 


So you have created your song/album, now what?! It's time to start creating extra assets to market yourself and your release to your audiences. Take a look at four example videos of extra supportive content created:


Music Videos

Kween G Offical Music Video- Something In Your Eyes 


Live Performances/Streams - This can be a full performance or used to showcase a new release. 

Freeds- Seafoam Green (Live From The Hive)


Lyric Videos - Sound with moving graphics and animated text overlay.

honest dan- Star Struck 


Visualisers - Sound with moving graphic, animation or an unofficial video.

ICEVENA- Is This Love for Real 


YouTube Pitching

YouTube can help get better watching time on a new release or even chances for it to be playlisted. YouTube compiles playlists by genre, cultural trends, activities and other themes using internal data and user input.

Key information to include in your YouTube pitch is a short story about your song (not a full artist bio) and marketing information (how are you going to direct users/fans to the video and your profile). It's highly recommended to look into your analytics so that you can target the territories you're succeeding in.


Reasons to pitch to YouTube: 

- You have a new song delivery - you have a new song being released that has not been released before this week. 

- You're uploading an Official Music Video (catalogue priority) 

- You're uploading extra creative content i.e.visualiser- This is for an already existing release and is another way to prompt the song such as a lyrics video to accompany a music video


Additional reason to pitch:

This is an opportunity to re-pitch for a different genre or because a song is resonating with listeners after it has been released. This can include:

- Supporting an album release

- Supporting radio play

- Pitching for seasonal support like holidays music

- Supporting another artist/ song milestone i.e. tour launch, press/tv appearance. 


MCN- Multi-Channel Network

For unestablished and/or new YouTube profiles, you can be added to our Multi-Channel Network. “MCNs” or “networks” are third-party services that affiliate with multiple YouTube channels to offer services that may include audience development, content programming, creator collaborations, digital rights management, monetization, and/or sales.

Onboarding and releasing channels in line with contracts in place between artist agreements and YouTube regulations. For more information on how to set up your profile within our MCN, email

For more information on the best practices for YouTube, click here.

EPK- What Are They & Why Are Do They Matter?

EPK- What Are They & Why Are Do They Matter?

You’ve probably heard people discuss EPK’s in the past but you may be stuck on how and when to use one. There are loads of helpful websites that can answer these questions but below is a quick summary of the important things to include when creating one.


What Is An EPK & Why Are They Important?

EPK stands for Electronic Press Kit. Think of an EPK as your Music Resume- it makes it easier for industry professionals to access and view your work. It’s important to make a great first impression so make sure you keep your EPK fresh, relevant and up to date.


What Is The Difference Between A Press Release & An EPK?

A press release is an effective way to create interest around your upcoming release and is a part of your electronic press kit.

An EPK is a compilation of information that various media, bloggers and industry professionals can use who want more background, details, photos or information on and your band.


What Should Your EPK Include?

Artist Bio’s

It’s a good idea to include both a long and short bio. These should both be written in the third person and tell the world who you are, what drives you, and how your music came to be.

Your long bio is where you will include:

-       Past and upcoming releases

-       Musical achievements

-       Notable moments/positive press

-       Links to socials

-      Tour dates etc.



Highlight your most popular songs and any upcoming releases you may have. Show the impact your music is making by talking about positive reviews, quotes from previous interviews and song achievements such as playlist adds or stream counts. Include a downloadable and separate streaming link for these songs.


Press Release

Your press release doesn’t need to be very long. Keep people curious by sharing details about your upcoming release, appearances, or interviews. Include all social links media links at the top.


Current Press Photo's

Use a variety of high-quality images that would work well cropped to square, horizontal, and vertical for promotional purposes. Make sure to also include a high-resolution photo of the album artwork.


Music Video's

Music Videos are a great way for you to show your on-screen persona. Various media sites, venues and festivals for example like to use videos on their sites to promote an artist. Make sure to include links to a few music videos or live performances, with a brief description of each.


Contact Information & Social Media Links

Make sure you include all various ways people can reach you, such as social media handles, email, mobile, artist website. To make it easier for those reading your EPK to include all your official links at the top to make it easy for them to find and share.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the Noisehive Team-

Fresh Find- Introducing Keira Wallace

Fresh Find- Introducing Keira Wallace

This week’s Fresh Find Artist is 15-year-old Keira Wallace who is a singer/songwriter from New Zealand. Her melodic tunes will take you on a wistful journey and is an exciting up and coming artist. Keira’s 3rd single Sunflower is available worldwide today.


Tell us about yourself?

I’m Keira, and I write for the overthinkers, the slightly-confused-but-going-with-it, and the garden bugs. I'm 15 years old and from Dunedin, New Zealand which has an incredible music community! I’d describe my music as indie pop, which can float between intense emotions and wistful thoughts. I find inspiration in the links, contrasts and similarities between the environment and human nature, using generous amounts of metaphors in my songs. My earlier musical influences were Girl in Red, Cavetown and Chloe Moriondo. These artists helped shape my style and really inspired me to start writing songs. More recently, I’ve been enjoying Womb, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and The Microphones and their music is making me want to be more experimental with my sound and lyrics.


Have you always been interested in music? Was there a particular song/performance that made you say "Woah! I want to do that!"?

For me, there was never a point where I decided I was going to be a musician. I’ve loved music my whole life and everything I’ve experienced and learned contributed to where I am now. Performing, acting, primary school choir, a love for writing and an incredible support network let everything fall into place, and now I have three songs released and have met so many wonderful people through music! Tiny me never would have thought this is where I’d be now, but I wouldn’t change anything about it. I still do a double-take sometimes and think “Woah! I’m actually doing this!”. It’s very exciting to think about what the future holds!


Would you like to collaborate with anyone in the future? If so, who and why?

Meeting Phil Elverum from The Microphones to learn from his creative process would be incredible! Even simply watching him record and produce a song would teach me so much. I'm also participating in a music mentor program for youth called AMPED, where they run workshops and gigs. I've met lots of incredible young artists, which could lead to collaborative projects in the future!


What inspired your most recent single?

The inspiration behind my latest single, Sunflower, was a school science project that involved growing sunflowers! I became quite attached to mine and wrote the song for when my sunflower died. The song started quite light-hearted but developed a much deeper meaning of care and loss as it progressed.


Do you have a songwriting process you follow when creating music?

I don’t have a set structure or process when I’m writing songs, so my songwriting process is different each time. Sometimes I base a song off of a single chord, word or concept that I like, and they can take months or one day to write! I like to leave space for the creativity to breathe and let it go where it wants to. A little structure can definitely help build the foundation of the song, but I think too much can limit your ideas. Having no set process can also help create a unique sound for all of your songs - my music taste has changed a lot since I wrote Sunflower, so it’s good to allow space for changes and inspirations to reflect through in your music.

What’s next for you? What can we expect coming up from you? Do you have plans for any future releases?

My latest single, Sunflower will be released on all streaming platforms on October 8th, concluding the batch of three songs I produced with Molly Devine. Along with Sunflower’s release and a homemade music video, I will be performing at open mic nights in October at Dog With Two Tails, Inch Bar and Dunedin Folk Club, as well as the Fairfield and Wingatui market days. I plan to record more music in 2022, which I’m super excited about. My music style has changed a lot and I can’t wait to share new work with the world!


Stream/Download Sunflower here.

If you want to hear more from Keira, check out her socials below:




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