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We are so excited about the latest track from Melbourne artist Savage the Girl and it looks like we're not the only ones!

Written and produced by Savage the Girl herself, 
 The Reason Is Fine is a  personal and emotional track, which she described as a moment where she comes clean to the world about herself and her struggles.

"It's about who I think I am when I look at myself with an unfiltered, non-judgemental perspective, and it's about coming to terms with the things I cannot change", Savage the Girl said. 

Although the song starts as a "brutally realistic take on life", the second verse focuses on finding peace and loving herself more. Speaking on this more positive angle of the song, Savage the Girl states that she is "confident in the fact that I am/we are protected by a force that is unconditionally loving, and that everyday is a chance to start in a better position than the last." 

The track has garnered plenty of support, including rotation on 2ser & FBi Radio, playlist placements on Spotify and Apple Music plus the cover of the Spotify playlist, 'crush'.

Savage the Girl is definitely one to watch, and we can't wait to see what's next!

Gemma Dunsmore (This Space Is Ours) on How to Book Gigs Independently

Gemma Dunsmore (This Space Is Ours) on How to Book Gigs Independently

It’s been tough few years for live music and those artists who rely on it. Thanks to the pandemic, it has been almost impossible for new or established acts to book shows, but finally, things are looking up all around the world, with festivals returning and venues opening back up. But, we know that booking shows can still be hard for bands in the early days – where do you even start? Thankfully, Noisehive’s Gemma Dunsmore has plenty of experience booking shows for her band This Space Is Ours, and is sharing her knowledge with this gig booking guide.

For any artist, gigging is one of the most effective and most immediate ways to hone your skills as a performer as well as to connect with both your existing and potential audience.

When you’re first starting out, scoring your first shows can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, when put into practice, it isn’t too difficult, you just need to know the right approaches and have the persistence to keep at it.

Whether you’re ready to book your first gig or you want to get more under your belt, this guide will give you some top tips on booking gigs.

Before Booking

Before you start the process of booking your first gig there are a few things you need to have prepared.

  1. 1. A set list that is well-rehearsed and fills the necessary amount of time. Usually, the average set time is about 45 minutes.
  2. 2. Well-branded social media accounts that you regularly update.
  3. 3. Have at least one good picture for promotion as well as a short bio.
  4. 4. Either a song demo or live footage of a song.

It is most effective to have a full EPK ready to send but it’s not completely necessary, just having the listed items ready will work well enough.

Starting Out

When you are first starting out, you won’t have much credibility or an audience to pull in order to interest venues and promoters. It’s best to start off by booking some opening slots and small festivals.

In order to get an opening slot, search for artists in your area that are of a similar genre to you and contact them or their management directly. Express to them that you enjoy their music and would love the opportunity to play a show with them. Don’t forget to share a way in which they can listen to your music.

Many small festivals have an application page on their website that you can fill out. These are easy as it will take you through the whole process and you can just attach everything they request. Eventually the festival management will review the applications and get back to you with an offer if you were successful.

If the festival doesn’t have a page for applications but you can find the Artistic Director’s email, don’t be afraid to contact them directly.

The Headliner

Once you’ve built some credibility and are able to pull in somewhat of an audience, you’ll be ready to organise a headlining show and the first thing you need to do is put together a line up. Contact artists that are of a similar genre to you and ask if they would be open to playing a show with you.

Once you have a line up of three-to-four artists, email a local venue. Keep the capacity of the venue in mind and compare it with the audience you will be able to pull in. Below is an example of the email you will send to the venue, don’t forget to attach all of your pre-prepared materials.

Hi there <bookers first name, if you know it>,

Hope you’re doing well!

My name is <your name> and I am <your artist name and genre>. <Some highlights of your music career>.

I am writing to enquire about booking a show at <venue name> on the <preferred date> if it is available. I have a line up of four artists ready to go who can all bring in an audience and I believe it will be a great night.

I’ve attached a link to my latest single, a promo picture and a short bio for your discretion.

Let me know if you need any more information and I hope to hear from you soon,

<Your name> <Your contact details> <links to artist social media pages>

Once the venue is booked, you will need to find out whether they have a sound technician and backline. Some venues will have their own but at many you and the other artists on the lineup will have to organise these.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Noisehive Team –



When the New Zealand-based singer/songwriter Kylie Price first began her musical career, she was fourteen years old and playing at open mic nights in Dunedin bars under the supervision of her parents. Now at twenty-eight, Kylie is honoured to have been chosen to represent New Zealand at the American festival South by Southwest (SXSW).

The songwriter’s music has always focused on simple but emotional storytelling with powerful lyrics and captivating hooks. After winning the Overall Gold Guitar Awards in 2012, she followed it up with her 2014 EP Wanderer/Wonderer which won her a legion of dedicated fans. She then went on to win big at the 2016 Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards where she scored both Best Female Vocalist of The Year and Best Acoustic Performance. 

Kylie returned in 2017 with the release of her second EP Bones. This release showcased a fresh new sound that pushed the boundaries of her earlier country signature style and took her into a new realm of upbeat hooks and electronic melodies. Including the songs ‘Here with Me’ and the title track, Bones was met with critical acclaim and peaked at #3 in the IMNZ Charts and #8 in the NZ Album Charts. 

After having completed a Bachelor of Music at Otago University, Kylie has returned once again with a new bunch of songs that push further into the pop realm. ‘Perfect’, released through Noisehive, was the first single of this new era. Written in the depths of lockdown 2020, ‘Perfect’ explores what the perfect love really is and whether it even exists. The song encompasses the beauty that two imperfect people could make something so sacred and last a lifetime, as well as challenging the definition we can put on the term “relationship”.

After building the bones of the song in her bedroom, Kylie met up with Chris Mac (Six60) and Noema Te Hau (Paige) to further dive into the topic of perfect love. It was there in the APRA studio (Parachute Studios, Auckland NZ) that they embraced the realisation that there is no such thing as a perfect love, rather the acceptance of our own imperfections and those of our loved ones that can create a love to last the ages.

SXSW is an annual film, music and interactive media festival in Texas that draws hundreds of thousands of patrons every year. You can catch Kylie Price and all her beautiful songs on March 19th at Stephen F’s Bar. 

Listen to Kylie's latest track, 'Perfect', here. Follow Kylie on Facebook and Instagram.

Featured Artist: AMANDA RAYE

Featured Artist: AMANDA RAYE

Amanda Raye’s music is a rich blend of soul and country seasoned with sassy jazz influences. We feel her living, learning, questioning, speculating, wishing, and wanting. Over the last few months, Amanda has been putting her 'Adaptations' series out into the world - a series of covers that Amanda makes her own, including Watermelon Sugar, Neon Moon, and most recently Wicked Game.

Amanda gave us some insight into how she got into music (way back in Kindergarten!), being a musician in Nashville & making music in the pandemic, and what's to come in 2022.

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Amanda Raye, I’m a 34-year-old single mother of two. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, and I have lived in Nashville just over three years now! I have a band called “The BadAss Band” and we play multiple times a week in Nashville.

How did you start playing music?

I started singing in school choir in kindergarten! Singing was always a passion, and then writing became the same when I started middle school. However, I didn’t start writing and playing music until I was 26 years old!

Who are your biggest musical influences?

My biggest musical influences are somewhat all over the place.. I pull from what makes me feel something. My Grandmother was a singer back in her youth and then in her 40’s she formed a band and played all over St. Louis, Missouri (where I am from) It seems that the pop and country music I was raised on had a great impact but also, the musical inspiration of my grandma’s generation was strong within me. She is where I got my love of Jazz vocalists. I had no idea the range of music I would pull from as an artist myself until I started playing live music and writing.

What’s the best thing about being a musician in Nashville?

The best thing about being a musician in Nashville is proximity to the industry and amazing players. There’s a unique blend of music in this city at all times.. and I have managed to carve out a space of my own here, which is amazing to me. I'm proud to have made the move and made it work for me and I am grateful to everyone that I met along the way that helped my path continue forward. 

How have you found navigating the music industry during the pandemic?

The Pandemic set everyone on a crash course of the unknown. It was make or break, do you pack up and go home or do you put your nose to the grindstone and work? I chose the latter.. We were able to hone in the sound of the band with rehearsals and we started playing regularly when there was a lack of available bands. We really did put together our sound and booked a lot of gigs that had not been available to us before. I think that although it was a scary time, we made the best of what we had, and I am so glad we did.

What can we expect to see from you in 2022?

2022 holds a lot of hope and promise for where my career and music are going! I plan to release more ‘Adaptations’ videos and songs! I also have several original songs already recorded, so I am sure we will be releasing those throughout the year. I hope to be performing some out-of-town gigs as well as keeping a busy schedule in town!

You can listen to Amanda's latest release, Wicked Game,

And keep up to date with all things Amanda Raye through her Facebook and Instagram.

Featured Artist: DON PEDIGO

Featured Artist: DON PEDIGO

Don Pedigo is one of Nashville’s finest Singer-Songwriters whose old-soul rock and roll vibe and thoughtful lyricism takes you on an introspective adventure, leaving you not only wanting to know more about his music but also about yourself. He recently released a new album, ‘Like I’ve Been Here Before, with his band Don Pedigo & The Coyotes, and we had a quick chat with him about his journey in music.

How did you get into playing music?

I first started playing the bass guitar in church. That led to playing bass for a rock band that eventually led to being the guitar player. After a few years of lead singers with egos I started singing. I’ve always written, though. Poems, stories and illustrations became a part of my life at a very young age.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Kenny Rogers and Neil Diamond.

You just released the latest Don Pedigo & The Coyotes album, ‘Like I’ve Been Here Before’ - congrats! What was the creative process like for this album? How was it affected by the pandemic?

Thank you very much we were excited to finally release this record. The pandemic delayed its release. We recorded this album over a three-year period. In some ways, it’s also a relief that it’s out. Ha.

What do you think is the best thing about being an artist in Nashville?

Access to studios and backup musicians.

What advice would you give anyone that wants to make a career in music?

Have a day gig so you’re not at the mercy of trying to pay the bills while wanting to remain creative. Also, not everyone is your friend. Trust your gut and your audience.

What’s in store for Don Pedigo in 2022?

I’ve been very blessed to have held back recording quite a bit of material over the years. I’ve also written material for two new projects. One is a giving back of sorts to the church, which is a conviction and obligation, but it also came very fast and brings me great joy. I’ve also written an alt-country album and have another album I’ve been waiting/wanting to record for a few years. We’ll see what comes first!

Like I’ve Been Here Before is out worldwide now, check it out here.

Featrued Artist: STOYAN

Featrued Artist: STOYAN

Stoyan is a Sydney based Songwriter/Rapper/Producer who has a gift for creating thought-provoking, lyrical music. With a wide range of influences, Stoyan's music has elements of jazz, soul and hip hop while combining electronic production and live instrumentation. He recently released his latest single, Let Me Know Now, and had a quick chat with us about the track, his music and his biggest influences.

Tell us about yourself:

My background is Bulgarian. My parents escaped communism and fled to Australia so I was born and raised in South Sydney. I’ve always had a passion for music and I knew I had a knack for rapping when I was able to memorize and precisely rap along with Eminem’s first few albums when I was really young. I started writing lyrics seriously in 2012. I love football, basketball and the UFC. I love Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin, Queen and the Gipsy Kings. I’ve also been known to regularly quote The Simpsons and Seinfeld. 

How would you describe your music?

My music is primarily hip hop/rap with plenty of jazz and soulful elements throughout. But I’m also rapping and singing on trap and house beats so it’s difficult to completely define what I do. My sound ranges from live instrumentation and orchestral elements, all the way to hard hitting electronic production, which I always aim to gel together with sharp lyricism and memorable, melodic choruses. 

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Eminem was the first Rapper I was completely enthralled by. My favourite Rapper of all time is Nas because of the combination of his voice and unique storytelling ability. He also made “Illmatic”, which is undeniably the greatest Hip Hop record of all time in my opinion. My personal favourite album of all the time though is Blu & Exile’s “Below The Heavens” from 2007. If you haven’t listened to it, please do yourself a favour. Some more major influences include Biggie, 2pac, Kanye, Anderson Paak., Chance The Rapper, Mac Miller, Kendrick and J. Cole. 

What is your latest single about? What inspired it?

Let Me Know Now is about finally finding my own sound while allegorically weaving through self actualisation and the comprehension that things might turn out better than I expected. The main inspiration for this track was Mac Miller’s album Swimming. That was what I was listening to most around that time. The blend of melodic choruses and silky verses over heaps of beautiful guitars inspired me greatly to create something wonderful with my friends VIIN (guitar/piano) and Yianni Adams (bass/synth/production).

What is the best thing about the music industry at the moment? And what is one thing you would change about it if you could? 

The best thing right now is that it’s coming back to some sort of normalcy. The music industry has been ravaged like no other in the last 2 years and it’s such a breath of fresh air to feel the optimism around all the festivals and show announcements.

One thing I would change is increasing how much artists are paid per stream. I understand that big streaming platforms help countless artists to be seen and heard with tools like playlisting, but at the end of the day, they wouldn’t be anything without the artist’s music. 

What’s coming for Stoyan in 2022?

My next song is coming out very early in 2022. It’s a saucy song featuring VIIN, produced by Otis James and blessed by the Flamenco guitar of Andro Martinez. 

I will also be releasing a few more singles and also an EP in the second half of the year so you can expect a bunch of shows and hopefully some festival slots. 

Listen to Let Me Know Now here.

Follow Stoyan:



Featured Artist: DUAN

Featured Artist: DUAN

DUAN is here to provide bountiful beats for your summer with his fresh new EP Momentum. DUAN is at the forefront of moulding his story, having rallied various talents around Melbourne to create this eclectic collaborative project. Momentum is available worldwide now!

Tell us about yourself?

I (Duan) am a producer, beatmaker, artist and collaborator. Based in Melbourne, enjoys occupying cafes, and producing various genres of music through electronic techniques. I then take these creations to various artists around Melbourne for them to flare their own unique style on. Main inspirations include Flume, Kaytranada, Mr Carmack, Medasin, Laxcity, Quiet Bison.

Momentum EP
This was the most collaborative yet most difficult track to create, and it was intended that way to challenge my abilities as a producer to mix and blend various creative ideas together into a coexistent artwork. In total there were 6 minds working on this track, all applying their own unique layer of creation and artistry. Ways is simply about us all finding our own unique way around, as we all share the same goal but take different paths that personally work with us.

Confident is a lofi late-night club track, there to produce that feeling when you’ve left the club with a special someone. It’s about finding that confidence within yourself, and maintaining a certain style of confidence that is un-obnoxious and tamed within your own character. This one is the most Kaytranada influenced track, with a saxophone topline recorded by amazing artist Yang Chen (Melbourne).

Rawness… as raw as planting your bare feet to the ground, feeling the texture of the world. It is as raw as sashimi, as raw as the dirt between your toes… the grit, the grime… all encapsulated in this banger. Shogun and KVYNL were perfect for this track as they brought a raw side in their bars, stuff that normally isn’t seen around Melbourne.

Naked Dancing
This track started off with the piano sample from Medasin and was then refixed into a house rhythm. I wanted to create a song that was a celebration, hypeness of the greatness of simply living! It is why you Naked Dance because you are free from shame and simply embrace yourself in your raw form, your naked form! This was the most fun to create and both Reyko! and R.EM.EDY both work so well with the instrumental and themselves. The trap drop is the peak of this EP, accompanied with R.EM.EDY’s rapid flows that absolutely amp up the whole energy of the track.

This track is a simple instrumental which starts to cool down the energy from Naked Dancing. It goes into more experimental production techniques like off-grid drums and granulated piano recordings. This track is my biggest producer flex moment. The reason for Momentums name is to display my own progression and how the movement of my projects are starting to come to light and the momentum gained to grow myself forward. Exponential evolution.

Round & Round
After Momentum’s heavy drums and sounds, it dips into a calm with Belle’s vocals. Round and round is how we go when lost in our own minds. Whether it be indecision, hesitation or delusion, we can easily catch ourselves in this state of mind. A state of blur most especially comes from expending so much energy (such as the tracks before have done). This is a song about chaos, our own mental chaos spiralling round and round and round.


My favourite track of them all and the perfect one to finish. Around 2 years ago I broke my leg in a climbing accident. My left leg split in half, with my tibia sticking out the skin. It was a horrific moment, and a patient recovery period (6 months). During that intense period of pain, there was only one song that I could produce, which was this one. This track captures the short period of time falling from the wall into the ground, that moment before my life changed forever. Personally, the breaking of the leg was the catalyst towards my growth into proper adulthood from adolescence. The track is the final blissful moment of innocence, and overall, as an EP, a farewell to that stage of my life. Like shedding skin, with the flakes peeling off you like petals in spring. The start of a new birth.

You can stream and download Momentum here.


If you want to hear more from DUAN, check out his socials below:




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