EPK- What Are They & Why Are Do They Matter?

EPK- What Are They & Why Are Do They Matter?

20 Oct

You’ve probably heard people discuss EPK’s in the past but you may be stuck on how and when to use one. There are loads of helpful websites that can answer these questions but below is a quick summary of the important things to include when creating one.


What Is An EPK & Why Are They Important?

EPK stands for Electronic Press Kit. Think of an EPK as your Music Resume- it makes it easier for industry professionals to access and view your work. It’s important to make a great first impression so make sure you keep your EPK fresh, relevant and up to date.


What Is The Difference Between A Press Release & An EPK?

A press release is an effective way to create interest around your upcoming release and is a part of your electronic press kit.

An EPK is a compilation of information that various media, bloggers and industry professionals can use who want more background, details, photos or information on and your band.


What Should Your EPK Include?

Artist Bio’s

It’s a good idea to include both a long and short bio. These should both be written in the third person and tell the world who you are, what drives you, and how your music came to be.

Your long bio is where you will include:

-       Past and upcoming releases

-       Musical achievements

-       Notable moments/positive press

-       Links to socials

-      Tour dates etc.



Highlight your most popular songs and any upcoming releases you may have. Show the impact your music is making by talking about positive reviews, quotes from previous interviews and song achievements such as playlist adds or stream counts. Include a downloadable and separate streaming link for these songs.


Press Release

Your press release doesn’t need to be very long. Keep people curious by sharing details about your upcoming release, appearances, or interviews. Include all social links media links at the top.


Current Press Photo's

Use a variety of high-quality images that would work well cropped to square, horizontal, and vertical for promotional purposes. Make sure to also include a high-resolution photo of the album artwork.


Music Video's

Music Videos are a great way for you to show your on-screen persona. Various media sites, venues and festivals for example like to use videos on their sites to promote an artist. Make sure to include links to a few music videos or live performances, with a brief description of each.


Contact Information & Social Media Links

Make sure you include all various ways people can reach you, such as social media handles, email, mobile, artist website. To make it easier for those reading your EPK to include all your official links at the top to make it easy for them to find and share.

You can find an in-depth dive into EPKs on the Soundchart Blog. Or, as always, you can reach out to the Noisehive Team -