Quick Answers from the Queen Bee

This page answers the most common questions our artists tend to ask. We've broken them down by category to make finding answers simple and easy,but if your questions are not answered here feel free to contact us now.

  • How much does it cost to join Noisehive?

    A one-off set up fee of $250 AUD ($200 USD) with no further charges or ongoing fees. Noisehive artists receive 80% of net receipts from all sales and streaming revenue.

  • What payment options does Noisehive accept?

    New Noisehive artists can pay their one-off fee using PayPal.

  • Can independent labels join Noisehive?

    Yes, Noisehive caters to independent artists, bands and labels. In fact, that's our speciality!

  • What is Digital Distribution?

    Digital distribution is the service which puts an artist or label's music onto online platforms. Sometimes referred to as an 'aggregator' a digital distributor will prefer your release to the standards of multiple services and collect the sales information and payments on your behalf. Some offer this service for a fee. Noisehive prides itself on being a commission based service.

  • How many releases am I allowed?

    Noisehive artists can put out a total of 15 releases (singles, EPs or albums) per year. If you plan on releasing more than this, please speak to our team.

  • What if I want to put out more than 15 releases in a year?

    We can discuss further distribution options.

  • Can I set my own release date?

    Yes, as long as there is at least one week lead time you can choose any release date. We recommend at least 4 weeks between uploading to Noisehive and your chosen release date to avoid issues and allow for promotion, etc.

  • Can I sell my own CDs?

    Yes, Noisehive artists can distribute their own physical products. Noisehive is a digital distributor only.

  • Do I maintain copyright of my music?

    Yes, Noisehive artists maintain full copyright ownership of their music as well as their master recordings.

  • What is an ISRC code and why do I need one?

    An International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is a unique code that is assigned to individual audio and visual recordings. It is an easy way for digital stores and collection agencies, such as iTunes and APRA, to track digital media and ensure an artist's recording is identified for royalty payments. Artists need one ISRC per recording. Noisehive provides ISRC codes free of charge.

  • What is a UPC barcode and why do I need one?

    A UPC (Universal Product Code or Barcode) is a unique code that identifies an entire digital product (Album, EP, or Single). UPCs are used by retailers and online outlets to gather and track sales information for an entire product. Artists need one UPC per release. Noisehive provides UPCs free of charge.

  • Which stores does Noisehive deliver to?

    Noisehive delivers worldwide to online stores and streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, Beatport, Traxsource, Deezer & many more!

  • What territories does Noisehive distribute to?

    Noisehive distributes worldwide and can cater to specific territory requirements. Any territory restrictions can be detailed when setting up an artist’s release.

  • Can I have my music available on my own website?

    Noisehive does not restrict artists from making their music available on their own website, but please note it may affect sales on other platforms. Instead of displaying full tracks, we recommend a preview of under two minutes and providing relevant store links which Noisehive can supply.

  • How frequently can I expect income statements?

    Royalty statements are available quarterly within an artist’s Noisehive profile.

  • Can I monetise my releases on YouTube?

    Yes, artists can upload their own content to YouTube and choose to allow Noisehive to monetise their channel and releases on their behalf.

  • Does “Public Performance” mean Noisehive collects my live performance income?

    No, Noisehive artists still collect their own live performance income. “Public Performance” means Noisehive collects royalties on an artist’s behalf from the public performance of their master recordings (i.e. plays on radio and television, in stores and restaurants, or by DJs in clubs and other public space).

  • Noisehive Profile Cover Image - what size is best to use and what formats are accepted?

    The maximum size is 1500px(w) x 500px(h). We accept jpg, gif and png files.

  • Noisehive Profile Image - what size is best to use and what formats are accepted?

    The maximum size is 400px(w) x 400px(h). We accept jpg, gif and png files.

  • Release Artwork - what size is best to use and what formats are accepted?

    We require artwork to be in jpg format and 3000px(w) x 3000px(h).

  • Audio Files - What quality and formats are accepted?

    Audio files must be delivered in WAV format at 16 bit (sample size) and 44.1kHz (sample rate). This is CD quality and standard across most stores and platforms.