Spotify Launches 'Niche Mixes'

Spotify Launches 'Niche Mixes'

04 Apr

One of the most well-known features of Spotify is their personalised recommendations. Some of those listening recommendations come in the form of ‘Spotify Mixes’, found in the ‘Made For You’ hub. These Mixes allow listeners to discover new artists in the genres they love with ‘Genre Mixes’, get nostalgic with ‘Decades Mixes’, and tap into their emotions with ‘Mood Mixes’.

Now, Spotify is adding a new feature called ‘Niche Mixes’; a set of personalised playlists that combine all that their mixes offer in a playful way. These are a mini-selection of very niche themed playlists, based on the listeners user history.

To access your ‘Niche Mixes’, just head to the ‘Made For You’ hub within the search tab to find five to ten mixes Spotify thinks you’ll enjoy. On top of that, if you’re looking for something specific, just search for an activity, vibe, or aesthetic that describes what you’re looking for and add the word “mix” to the end and Spotify will have it for you.

Spotify is giving listeners access to tens of thousands of mixes specifically unique to them, based on almost anything they can think of. No matter the moment or occasion, you’ll find a personalised mix rooted in familiarity, combining music from artists, genres, and decades you already know and love with songs that Spotify thinks you’ll enjoy that also match the moment.

Mixes with names such as ‘Funky Baking Mix’, ‘Gardening Lo-Fi Mix’, and ‘Angry Banjo Mix’ are just a few examples of the Mixes offered to Spotify users. Each mix will update daily so you can always find your next favourite vibe. Mixes are available globally to free and premium users who search Spotify in English.