Apple Music Announces 'Promote' For Artists

Apple Music Announces 'Promote' For Artists

23 Feb

As an artist or manager with a release on Apple Music, it is absolutely vital that you utilise Apple Music for Artists. This is the official platform dedicated to artists and allowing them to manage their artist page and see how their music is performing. Apply Music for Artists equips you with all of the insights to help build your audience and reach new fans on Apple Music. With it, you can see where and who is giving you the most plays as well as see new milestones and all-time bests at a glance.

 It has always been a top priority for Apple Music to help artists not only reach new fans but to also maintain a meaningful and intimate connection with them. Now, with the launch of the new feature Promote, there is a whole new way to connect. Promote will allow artists to generate customizable social assets to spread the word about new releases and celebrate their Apple Music accomplishments.

With the resources provided by Promote, artists can:

  • Create and customise assets to market albums, songs or music videos.

  • Promote milestones such as reaching a new peak in plays or being featured on an editorially curated playlist. 

  • Share links driving to Apple Music and other music services using Linkfire technology.

Assets can easily be shared to the artist’s social media platforms with one single share link. All you need to do is head to the Promote tab and select what you wish to promote. From there you will be able to pick between two design templates, update the background colour, preview each layout, and choose which asset sizes you want to create.