Ben Drysdale

Genre:Indie Folk

Joined Dec 01st, 2023

Ben Drysdale is an award-winning singer songwriter and Indie Folk artists from Canberra, Australia. He colours his raw and heartfelt lyrics with musical shades of indie folk, pop, soul, and blues. His songs span from vulnerable and visceral ballads exploring the darkness of the human condition to upbeat foot stompers full of energy and hope. He has played shows in the US, Ireland and Canada and featured on bills with some of Australia’s greatest including Paul Kelly, The Waifs and Busby Marou as well as international stars such as Chris Isaak. After fronting a number of bands since 2004, Drysdale is embarking on a new Indie Folk under his own name. His debut solo single ‘If I Don’t Lie Down’ came out Friday Dec 15. It debuted on the AMRAP regional charts at charts at #7 jumping to #4 the next week, had a feature profile on the Australian Independent Record Labels Association Website, and has received rave reviews from music blogs around the world including the US, UK, and EUR.