Dean Misdale


Joined Feb 13th, 2024

Dean Misdale is a multifaceted entertainer who has taken the world by storm with their unparalleled talents as a singer and drag queen extraordinaire. Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Dean has become a household name, known for dynamic performances and magnetic stage presence. Dean's musical journey reached new heights when they achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the first Drag Queen to hit number 1 on the iTunes Australia Chart with a cover of the disco classic Celebration. Beyond his musical accomplishments, Dean has also made waves as a drag performer, earning prestigious awards for their captivating performances and award winning shows. Dean's artistry extends beyond the studio and onto the stage, where they dazzles audiences with a combination of vocal prowess, charisma, and a flair for the dramatic. As Dean's star continues to rise, there's no doubt that they will remain a force to be reckoned this space!