‘Hugernaut’ can be described as “unique, profound, edgy & totally dance worthy. A music equivalent of an astro journey through time and space. Multi-generational, influenced by varying rock genres, smashed together like three asteroids, to form one a single creative entity. Hugernaut have a sound; an alternative progressive rock sound with subtle licks of jazzy-soul/funk, and pop, with a smack of attitude, a style they like to call ‘Bowie Rock’. Strap in for the ride!” (

1 18 Jan, 2024

Blackout State of Mind EP release

HUGERNAUT’s debut release is a six song EP; titled ‘BLACKOUT STATE OF MIND’, the first of three that will be released in 2023.  The initial single release is a re-arranged and re-titled version of U2’s 90’s classic ‘Zoo Station’.  The new version, re-titled ‘GET READY!’ was considered for recording as the band loved  Bono’s lyrics, which they interpret as “chaos of world events, turning the world on its head”.  The five following tracks on the EP ‘BLACKOUT STATE OF MIND’ were written individually by each band member; depicting their views of various aspects of life during lockdowns.  Two more videos from the EP, ‘Where is the Sun?’ and ‘Shutdown’, have also simultaneously been released. 

HUGERNAUT signed with independent label ‘AZZIFF RECORDS’ and commenced recording towards the end of 2022 and continued well into 2023 at ‘ASBESTOS STUDIO’, located between central Victoria’s two regional cultural centres of Daylesford and Castlemaine.   The band felt they needed to produce their own material so the feel and vision of the sound didn’t get lost in today’s mainstream vibe, but represented the group’s creative, poetic and individual vision of the delivery of each track.  Eighteen tracks have been laid down, and mixed in the U.S. by mixing engineer/producer, Jeffrey ‘Jeffro’ Lackscheide   

Formed in 2020, HUGERNAUT is multi-generational and started writing, recording and playing small gigs. Band members; Gerard Horvat (drums), Gabriel Horvat (bass) and Hugo Horvat (vocals & guitar) are creative and talented songwriters.  They are influenced by 70’s artists such as George Harrison, Cream, Elton John, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, and 80’s Aussie icons Hoodoo Gurus, Midnight Oil, Australian crawl and the rest (including U2 & The Police), to more contemporary artists Benfolds 5, Cake, Silverchair and Lime Cordiale. Genres of Pronto-Punk, Post-Punk and Alternative/Modern/Art rock melt into a style we like to call ‘Bowie-Pop’ Please check out our EP and singles, and we hope you enjoy and share our music.