Iain T. McKelvey & The Midnight Tangos

Genre:Folk Rock, Blues, Alternative, Indie Rock

Joined Mar 04th, 2022

Iain T. McKelvey & The Midnight Tangos are a band from Sydney (Gadigal/Cadigal land, Eora Nation) comprised of 4 members, Iain T. McKelvey, Calum Nicholson, Marshall Scarce and Wade Julian. Blending elements of folk, blues and classic rock, the band offers a nuanced balance between storytelling and expansive instrumentals through poignant lyricism and a feeling of common human connection. Forming in 2017, Iain T. McKelvey & The Midnight Tangos began as just Iain T. McKelvey, a solo output with a revolving door of musicians. His first official release ‘Peaches and Cream’ was in 2018 which saw community radio recognition and local blog & playlist placement. It was in 2020, during covid lockdown that The Midnight Tangos were born. Solidifying the project as more of a developed band with a more mature sound. 2021 saw the band gaining traction as a popular booking in some of the Inner-West’s most beloved venues: The Vanguard, Waywards, The Lansdowne and more.