Jannah Beth

Genre:Alternative, Hip/Hop, Soul, Alternative Electronica, Alternative Pop

Joined Nov 03rd, 2020

Jannah Beth makes music that gives you goosebumps. A melodic rapper, singer & storyteller, her songs are the product of a soulful, uncompromising artistic vision. The world around is her muse, believing "at the heart of every interaction there is a song waiting to be written then heard." Jannah Beth has released a number of independent singles which were quickly snatched up by local & international radio taste-maskers. Jannah Beth has featured her standout vocals on diverse dance, trip hop and electronica tracks, appearing in the Aria Charts & BBC radio. She is the the lyricist behind some of Australia's brightest upcoming artists. Currently Jannah Beth is tucked away in her own studio in Marrickville, collaborating with many local and international artists and is nearing the completion of her first solo body of work.