Master Beat Projekt

Genre:Trance ,Techno,

Joined Jan 09th, 2024

Born in Bochum Germany and having been a DJ since 1990, has played in various clubs and played various genres with a passion for trance and techno music. He has his music signed to the top Trance and Techno labels around the world such as Tranceformer, LW Recordings, TranZone Recordings, Lifted Trance Music, Yeiskomp Records, Tecnomind Music, Gert Records, MojoHeadz Records, Nahawand Recordings, Ablazing Deep, Black Bore Records, Nothing But, Tecnomind Alternate, Experimental-X Techno, Experimental-X, Gert Progressive, Premier League Recordings, Redux 138, State Control Records, State Soundscapes, Tuned:Flow, Vengeance Records, We Love Trance Records,7AGE Music, Beyond The Stars Reborn, Gold Standard Recordings, Lifted Colors, Mindlifting Bundles, Redux Digital, Simbiosis Records, Technocolor, Technofied, Zur├╝cksetzen,Nextrax Digital.