Ray Leslie

New Zealand,

Joined May 12th, 2022

Acclaimed for her dexterous worldplay, ridiculous flow and emanating vibe, Ray Leslie may be a fresh face to many but is certainly making her mark. With two EP's (Demolition, 2019) & (Otis, 2021) and two albums on her back (Distorted, 2020) & (SPRINGBOARD, 2022), this young and up-and-coming rapper is in pursuit of creative nirvana. Originating from the city of Cebu, Philippines, Ray migrated to Auckland, NZ at a young age with a wild imagination and a curious ear. This lead her to experimenting within different music genres before decidedly falling in love with hip-hop. Day-in, day-out, music remained the acting centre-piece throughout the years for the young creative. Ray would describe writing a bar equivalent to "riding a bike". Something that came so natural was this skill she was perfecting as she grew older and as she found her own unique sound in music. Driven by her fearless ambition and desire to live in the moment, this multi-faceted talent is only just beginning.