The Layman Preachers


Joined Feb 22nd, 2024

Emerging as one of Australia's newest exports, The Layman Preachers are rising quickly from a small-town song writing outfit to international recognition for their well-crafted, energetic, and impactful songs. The combination of lead singers, Corby Green and Heather Armstrong, merges two contrasting vocal styles into a diverse range of material from the interweaving sounds of Mandolins, 12 String guitars and folk instruments on 'Rich Enough' to the powerful and hard-hitting reality of 'Don't Get Comfortable with This' and cinematic soundscape of ‘Run’. The Layman Preachers write what is on their mind and orchestrate their songs according to the mood. This leads to a level on unpredictability and expectation with every release. A legacy they are happy to live with.