The Otherness

Genre:Rock, pop, alternative, punk, rock and roll, indie

Joined Aug 22nd, 2023

THE OTHERNESS is a rock band from the deepest end of America. Martin and Gon started to play music and write songs together since they were kids in Comodoro Rivadavia –the capitol of wind in La Patagonia. Pablo joined them later on drums in Buenos Aires and finally, Nico completed the line-up on lead guitar in Berlin during the pandemic of 2020. The boys have relentlessly toured in the grassroots circuits of the UK and Europe and have gained significant support from the audiences and rock press all over the regions. This undiluted passion for music also shows in a wide range of multicultural hostels, sick and urgent trains’ connections and all sorts of meal deals that feed human experiences – the ones to be only sorted out as a tight group – in a world of narcissism and individualism here’s a collective of young people that still believes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.