Genre:Contemporary Jazz

Joined Oct 26th, 2023

Toqui are a 8-piece semi acoustic orchestral jazz ensemble filled with darkly cinematic horn-and-cello-laden arrangements following pianist and composer Oscar France. Their music takes elements of folk, electronic and jazz music, with a focus on blending acoustic instruments together and instilling expansive scenes of the natural world bristling with life. Like baroque minstrels, this suite of beautiful, bodacious and talented musicians dance up the score on a witched night where music and magic entwine. Having released their debut album ‘Wire Owl’ in May this year, Toqui are on a journey to create, perform and record more of their magical music. They have developed a solid following at their residencies at Bar 303’s Jass Hub in Northcote, the intimate Ragtime Tavern in Preston and other local venues. They performed recently at the Castlemaine Jazz Festival following their sold out album launch at the Jazz Lab.