Genre:Pop, pop-dance, pop-rock, country-pop, folk

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ZimSho showcases the songwriting of Russ Zimmer & Jim Shomos. Their collaborations have won Best Song on a regional radio song contest (3CCC), and they have twice been Finalist for Best Pop Song in the Australian Songwriters Association annual contest. JIM’s stories have skipped across film, TV, radio, songs, and novels. He has collected nominations and awards for his screen work in Cannes, VicScreen, and from the Australian Writers’ Guild. Songwriting as a lyricist was his first creative passion. He also was an ASA Finalist for Best Pop Song with Debbie Bignell. RUSS rocked guitar and vocals for popular live band MOBY DICK. He also launched ‘55 ALIVE’, one of Australia’s top ‘50’s Rock ‘n Roll acts, while creating jingles for TV and radio.